Audio and video production

Productions steeped in sensitivity

It’s no longer just a rumour: videos are the most consumed content format on the internet. Thankfully, we excel in audio and video production. Whether it’s a podcast, a motion design video, an organization manifesto, or a video portrait, nothing is too daunting for our team, who are also fully aware of the various issues surrounding intimacy-related content.

For that matter, putting everyone at ease is our specialty; it is with deep care and attention to detail that our team coordinates each set, even more so when the time comes to tackle sensitive topics that require laying things bare… in every sense of the term.

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Organization of filming



Artistic direction


Motion design

Set design



Sound editing

Any excuse to collaborate is a good one.

Sometimes, eating, breathing, and sleeping a project for too long prevents us from seeing it clearly. What if you could take a step back and let us give you a helping hand?