It’s a fact: an increasing number of organizations are addressing sexuality, intimacy, and gender in their communications, whether because it’s at the heart of their mission or simply because they consider it to be an important issue overall.

Because we know that it’s not always easy to communicate about sensitive topics like gender and intimacy, we have developed unique services that equip organizations to talk about these topics with sensitivity and accuracy while avoiding clichés.

A little more about us

The perfect match between creativity and sexology

Bringing together a team of specialists in communications, design, research, and sexology, our creative studio is halfway between a communications agency and a sexology research lab. The result? Not only do we know what we’re talking about, we also know how and where to talk about it.

A specialized strategic approach

All of our projects are shaped by a rigorous examination of the most recent data available and by considerations of best practices in sex education (particularly in terms of behavioral science, teaching, and public health) and social marketing. We love our geeky side because it allows us to state, without a hint of embarrassment, that we are pros at sexuality, intimacy, and gender.

Projects with
great social impact

Choosing to work with us increases your chances of getting the right kind of attention, while promoting positive and inclusive sexuality.

More specifically, by carrying out your projects with creativity, scientific rigour, and sensitivity, we take our initial mission to new heights. Also, because any profits generated by our services are directly reinvested in our awareness-raising projects, you also contribute to our mission. (This is where we want to sing “As Long as We Got Each Other.”)

Our many clients are confident in our work