Awareness campaigns

Raising awareness differently

To foster positive discussions on sexuality, we have developed a unique approach that steers clear of alarmist taglines and campaigns that make people’s blood run cold. What sets us apart? The open relationship we have with issues that relate to inclusion, accessibility, creativity, and innovation. Also, because we’re not fond of déjà vu, we don’t hesitate to set aside old fruit to make room for fresher options. 🍑🍆

As with each of our services, what distinguishes us is the fact that we bring together a plurality of creative and sexological expertise around the same table.

Our services

Sex research and analysis

Communication strategy

Media strategy (planning and buying)

Writing and content creation

Artistic direction

Public relations



Performance assessment and analysis

Any excuse to collaborate is a good one.

Sometimes, eating, breathing, and sleeping a project for too long prevents us from seeing it clearly. What if you could take a step back and let us give you a helping hand?