Saint-Valencul Evening


Reflecting on performance pressure

Valentine’s Day can bring its share of disappointment and frustration for #PowerCouples and hardened singles alike who have others’ romantic bliss and happiness shoved down their throats. Grrr!


Getting together for an anti-party

Driven by the idea that we probably put too much pressure on ourselves during this cinnamon-scented celebration, Saint-Valencul presented itself as an anti-party nudging guests towards forming authentic connections with others and indulging in a little self-care (and self-love). Valentine’s Day is dead; long live Saint-Valencul!


Celebrating, exploring, and sharing

The event, which took place at a Mile-End warehouse in the form of a happy hour, was complemented with two interactive installations.

An in-vivo social lab, Saint-Valencul embodied Club Sexu’s desire to create festive social gatherings punctuated by interactive works. Both relaxing and engaging, the evening raised awareness, invited reflections, and fostered discussions around sexual risk-taking and communicating one’s sexual needs, desires, and boundaries, to name just a few topics of discussion. At the Club, we enjoy parties that make hearts and minds grow.

For the occasion, a helpline was made available to the party-goers with the goal of creating a safer space. If someone felt uncomfortable with a given content or situation, they could call or text the number provided to speak to a counsellor.

Event production
3D illustration
Alexis Préfontaire (Aeforia)