To him, the straps of her dress caressing her bare shoulders are stealing the show.

To her, the little strands of hair dancing on the back of his neck are making her melt.

A few hours later, she walks to the back of his apartment, through his bedroom door. She tells him, “You have a beautiful home.”

[AUDIO] Phew! He has an actual bed frame and his sheets look clean. Thank goodness.

He turns on the bedside lamp, which instantly casts a dim light, and comments on the fact that setting the mood is very important to him.

She finds him cute and laughs. She sits on his bed. He walks over to her, and they kiss.

They both want to pursue what they had started in the taxi ride on their way over.

Lips on lips turn into lips on necks, and clothes on bodies turn into scattered piles on the floor. Tongues intertwined become tongues between legs. Sexes get wet and skins warm up. The sighs intensify and grow louder. But not too much… mustn’t wake up the roommate:

Her (whispering in his ear)—I want you to fuck me so badly. Would you like that?

Him—You read my mind.

Him (bringing his hips closer to hers, then, hesitantly)—Would it be okay with you if we don’t use anything?

[AUDIO] Uuuugh… you’ve gotta be kidding me!

Her—Uh, well, actually, I would rather we use a condom. I have some in my bag if you don’t have any.

Him—Yeah, it’s just that I don’t feel anything with a condom…

[AUDIO] Oh god, I don’t know why I said that. She’ll definitely think I’m an idiot…

She straightens up and frowns.

Him—Is it because you’re not on the pill?

Her—I have an IUD, but it doesn’t protect you against STIs, you know. Neither does the pill, for that matter…

[AUDIO] I can’t believe I’m having this conversation AGAIN.

Him—No, but I’m clean. You can trust me.

He starts kissing her again. The smell of her hair, the texture of her skin, and the taste of her mouth are making him go crazy. Their bodies slip under the sheets. Arms intertwine, thighs brush up against each other, breaths mingle, and hands wander.

[AUDIO] Ok nice, I’m getting back into it. This girl really turns me on, and I want to take her. But shit, if I put on a condom I’ll definitely go soft. Like last time with Marie-Eve.

Her—That feels good. I love it when you touch me right there. Please, don’t stop.

Him—You’re so beautiful.

Her—You turn me on so bad. I want you right now. I can go get a condom, my bag’s right there. It’ll take me two seconds.

She takes three steps away from the bed, opens her bag, comes back, and hands him the small metallic packet.

[AUDIO] He better not tell me that he doesn’t like this brand or that it’s too small for him.

Him—Oh, I don’t like that kind, it’s too tight on me…

Her—I’m pretty sure it’ll do the job! We can at least try it…

[AUDIO] Fuck, just talking about this is making me go soft. What will she think… She’s going to think I suck.

He props himself up, and she sits down next to him. He nervously unwraps the packet, takes out the condom, and checks to see if it’s on the right side.

He awkwardly begins to put it on his penis.

It’s dark, and he has trouble seeing what he’s doing.

Him—Crap, the condom’s on the wrong side. Damn, why does this always happen?

[AUDIO] Why is she staring at me like that? It’s making me so self-conscious. Great, I’m going soft… Fuck! She’ll never want to see me again. Ok, I finally got it on.

He lies on his back and motions for her to come on top of him. She straddles his thighs, kisses him, and tries to…

[AUDIO] Hmmm… Not sure this is going to work…

[AUDIO] Fuck, this isn’t working! I’m freaking out. It’s always worse when I’ve had something to drink… And the more I think about it, the more I lose my erection. She must think I’m pathetic. This is what hell must be like…

Her (softly)—Hey, it’s ok. We can do something else, if you like. No pressure.

Him (relieved)—Yeah, okay, you’re right. Because I’m not sure this is working. I’m really sorry. It’s just that when I have a few drinks, I…

Her (interrupting him, reassuringly)—Really, it’s ok. I completely understand. Besides, I have other ideas…

She gently pulls the condom off his penis and, in a theatrical gesture, tosses it on the floor. He’s laughing. She is too. Relief.

He motions for her to come closer.


Even closer.

So close that his tongue finds itself between her legs, the latter cradling his face.

He kisses.

He licks.

[AUDIO] Fuck, she tastes so good!

He savours her sex until he is thirsty no more.  

She sighs, moans, screams. But not too much… mustn’t wake up the roommate.

Her orgasm flows over his mouth, which burns with pleasure.

She lies next to him, peaceful. He caresses her breasts gently.

After a few minutes, she says, “Would you like me to give you a massage?”

He accepts, opens the first drawer of his bedside table, and hands her a bottle of lube. She pours the liquid into her palm and begins to massage him.


Upper back.

Lower back.

His butt.

She has him turn over, then strokes his stomach.

His thighs.

His sex.

His sex.

His sex.

The looks they exchange are as caliente as their caresses.

He sighs.

She smiles.

She continues.

Him—Oh my god, that’s so good. You turn me on so much when you do that.

She smiles, reaches for the bedside table and opens the first drawer. She saw condoms there earlier. She opens the packet, sensually kisses her partner, and checks if the condom is on the right side.

Her—Crap, the condom’s on the wrong side. Damn, why does this always happen?

They laugh.

[AUDIO] Oh, wow, it’s so much less awkward than before. Yes!

She lightly pours lubricant onto his penis and rubs gently.

Less gently.

For a long time.

She unrolls the condom onto his sex, taking her time.

She straddles his thighs, licking her lips.

She goes back and forth against his pelvis.

And again.

Him—Oh my god, it’s great with the lube under the condom! Fuck, don’t stop!

He grabs her butt to guide the pace.

And again.

And again.

He sighs, moans, screams. But not too much… mustn’t wake up the roommate.

She lies down next to him. He caresses her breasts gently.

Him (stroking her bare shoulders)—The dress you wore tonight was really beautiful.

She smiles at him.

On the floor, two crumpled condoms watch the lovers’ mouths merge once more.

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