Club Solo

A break from porn to better explore oneself


Masturbation recommended by Public Health

The pandemic had affected our relationships with intimacy. With every additional lockdown measure came a decrease in desire for some, the purchase of sex toys for others, and an overall increase in pornography consumption.

Masturbation was destigmatized and even recommended by the provincial and federal governments, giving its significant ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19. No need to tell us twice!

These unprecedented statements inspired Club Sexu to create Club Solo.


Restoring masturbation’s reputation

Recommending masturbation because it’s safe—not bad! However, at Club Sexu, we seized the opportunity to ground it in a wellbeing perspective. We wanted to address the many reasons and motivations for masturbating, particularly in lockdown, in addition to deconstructing persistent masturbation myths, addressing certain contexts and techniques, and examining the place we allocate to masturbation in discussions about sexuality.

Club Solo is therefore an invitation to be mindful of our needs and desires—without shame or pressure—to diversify our sexual repertoire, take some alone time, cultivate our erotic imagination, and pay particular attention to the sensations that masturbation provides us, with or without orgasm.


A web app dedicated to masturbation

Club Solo is a web application that spatiotemporally maps masturbation sessions on an interactive map. Oh yes, a mega map of wanking and bean flicking!

Entries on the map are 100% anonymous thanks to an automatic naughty pseudonym generator (e.g., SkilledBanana911). App users could provide additional information on their solitary pleasure session, such as whether they used toys or consumed pornography.

NB: The Club Solo app served as a stunt for a year, but is now archived.

The numbers

Solitary pleasures, made less solitary

Over the course of the project, small bright spots dotted the Club Solo map all over the world. By consulting the map, we felt less lonely while musing on our sexual desires and practices and on what we wanted to share (or keep to ourselves).

27 000

visits to between February 2021 and October 2022

7 412

solitary pleasure sessions recorded between February 2021 and October 2022


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