Geneviève Bergeron

Co-Founder and Creative Director

It was while studying graphic design that Geneviève decided that her work was going to be more than just “beautiful”: it was also going to have a concrete and positive impact. In 2019, along with her friend Maude, she created Club Sexu.

Day after day (and night after night), she makes the slightly crazy ideas thrown about during happy hour come true. She heads all of our projects with a latex-clad iron fist while listening to and supporting all team members to ensure their wellbeing. Above all, she makes sure that we work on initiatives that resonate with and radiate throughout our community. Without her (and her dog Romi), the Club wouldn’t be where it is today.

Fun facts about them

  • Finds that “oui” is the hottest word in the French language
  • Has a hidden talent for unscrewing tight jar lids (perhaps due to her iron fist)