Nonviolent Communication

Speaking and Listening for Better Conflict Resolution

2 hours
Summary included
Videoconferencing or in person

This workshop is a gentle invitation to explore nonviolent communication—also called compassionate communication—from all angles. Supported with concrete examples, interactive exercises, tips and tricks, and question periods, we can safely say that our workshop has everything you need to practice better communication.

Regardless of one’s professional field or relationship context, nonviolent communication is a relevant and effective tool. Parler avec le cœur, ça s’applique à toutes les relations.

Developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, nonviolent communication promotes listening and self-expression that pushes aside judgments and assumptions, thus ensuring better conflict resolution.

Centered on observations, emotions, needs, and the formulation of clear and concrete requests, this type of communication minimizes conflict by emphasizing empathy—towards others, but also towards oneself.

Workshop outline

  • What is nonviolent communication?
  • Communication that blocks empathy
  • The 4 components of nonviolent communication
    • Observations
    • Emotions
    • Needs
    • Requests
  • Receiving with empathy

Workplace workshop

Flexibility alert! All our workshops are offered in the workplace, in person and remotely. It sounds like the perfect lunch and learn.