STBBI Screening

Best Practices for Inclusive STBBI Screening

2 hours
Summary included
Videoconferencing or in person

Our workshop on inclusive STBBI screening is an introduction to best practices that can be adopted by any clinic or medical centre wishing to provide more inclusive screening services to its patients. What makes this workshop stand out from others of its kind is its intersectional approach.

The workshop covers what inclusive practices are, their importance, how to apply them in a clinical setting, and how to manage mistakes.

The objectives of the workshop are to better understand the importance of adopting inclusive screening practices, to reflect on professionals’ attitudes and behaviours and on the layout of clinics and examination rooms that may be barriers to screening, to suggest avenues for improvement, and to provide concrete examples of inclusive STBBI screening practices.

Workshop outline

  • Why are inclusive practices important?
  • What are inclusive practices?
  • The guide’s theoretical framework
  • How to adopt inclusive practices
  • How to own and fix your mistakes

Workplace workshop

Flexibility alert! All our workshops are offered in the workplace, in person and remotely. It sounds like the perfect lunch and learn.