Inclusive writing

Apprendre à nous écrire

2 or 3 hours
Abbreviated guide included
Videoconferencing or in person

This practical workshop aims to introduce different forms of inclusive writing and unravel the myths that surround them. For example, the ingrained belief that inclusive writing unnecessarily clutters text is just not true! Grrrr!

The workshop covers three inclusive writing practices (epicene, feminization, and nonbinary writing), which can be applied depending on the text and its target readership.

In short, an introduction to inclusive writing that melts like butter on all tongues.

*The inclusive writing workshop is a complement to the guide signed and self-published by Les 3 sex* and Club Sexu.

*Workshop available in French only

Workshop outline

The workshop has a duration of 2 hours and covers various types of inclusive writing practices and the myths that surround them. It is enhanced with question periods and exercises that foster constructive discussions.

The workshop addresses the following in more detail:

  • The concept of gender
  • Inclusive writing
  • The three types
    • Epicene writing
    • Epicene writing
    • Nonbinary writing
  • Mix-and-match
  • Myths
  • Concrete examples

Our team offers other longer or shorter formats for private (workplace) workshops. Write to us for more information.

Workplace workshop

Flexibility alert! All our workshops are offered in the workplace, in person and remotely. It sounds like the perfect lunch and learn.