À quoi tu jouis? Episode 23

Feeling myself




Based on the expression “feeling myself”—feeling sexy and confident—Justin and Laïma speak with Roxy Torpedo, co-owner of Arabesque Burlesque, and Laurianne Gagné, founder of the inclusive company Fleur Sauvage Lingerie. What exactly does “feeling myself” mean? How can we feel sexy? Little by little, the secrets of sexiness are revealed through Roxy’s and Laurianne’s know-how and interpersonal skills. This episode, essentially a practical guide to feeling good in your mind and body, unfolds like a pair of evening gloves that you slowly remove while staring into the eyes of your crush (or your own reflection).

This episode is sponsored by Fleur Sauvage Lingerie.

Season four of À quoi tu jouis? is sponsored by Loop mattresses, available exclusively at MeublesRD.

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