to the Club!


Educating people about positive, inclusive and empowering sexuality is the mission of Club Sexu. We are both a media and a non-profit creative studio. We make sexological knowledge and realistic and diverse sexual models accessible in an innovative way through the creation of content, campaigns and events.

Are we sexually illiterate?

An entire generation of young adults hasn’t had access to quality sex education. No wonder they keep turning to the internet to find answers to all their sex-related questions and concerns. Above all, we don’t judge. We did the same, and it’s exactly what led us to launch the Club. In a world where sexuality is portrayed mainly in terms of risk and problems, we wanted to refocus the discourse on facts that are accurate, reliable, tailored, and attractive and to remove the climate of fear and taboos that has surrounded sex. Most of all, we wanted to bring the notion of pleasure back to the fore.


A neglected publiC

Learning about sexuality is the work of a lifetime. But even with all the goodwill in the world, we can’t do it if we don’t have access to relevant information.

Good news: sex education classes have returned to the school curriculum. Not-so-good news: don’t get us started on how it was implemented in schools! In any case, when youths graduate from high school, many are sexually active but are left to their own devices, often with Google and mainstream porn platforms as their only educators. Thus, Club Sexu is here to overcome this lack of access to quality information and continue education and awareness-raising beyond the classroom.

How do you do it?

A pleasure-centred approach

The scientific literature shows that an approach that addresses sexuality from the perspective of pleasure (and fun!) is more effective than a fear-based approach. Luckily, our awareness-raising approach is centred on pleasure and exploration.

Inclusion at the heart of our content

Our project aims to be inclusive and accessible. More precisely: we make sure that everyone can recognize themselves in our content, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and experience, body image or ethnocultural background. And because we always want to improve, we take all constructive comments very seriously and openly. Don't hesitate to write to us to tell us about your needs and desires. We are all ears.

Our story

The tête-à-tête

Geneviève Bergeron uses her design expertise to develop a brand and a magazine on sexuality as part of her end-of-studies project in graphic design. When the project is received with great enthusiasm, Geneviève decides to make it last beyond her undergraduate years with her friend and fellow designer Maude Huysmans. They are both motivated to use their creative expertise to change the way sexuality is taught. This marks the beginnings of what would become Club Sexu as we know it.

An orgy of talent

After months and months of work with business development coaches and participation in Impact 8's Collision course, the duo, thanks to their legendary flair, surrounded themselves with several sexuality and communications specialists. We can now talk about the Club Sexu team.

The rest follows quickly. The very first part of Club Sexu is born: an Instagram page through which the team tests people's receptivity to sexu content.

She then launched a socio-financing campaign that proved to be a great success (180% of the goal was reached) and allowed her to make herself known. With the amount raised, she develops a website, officially registers Club Sexu as a non-profit organization in September 2019 and organizes a launch event on November 9, 2019. At the same time, the Confessional is born.

Gaining depth

This is the start of the creative studio through which the Club offers its creative and sexological expertise to a clientele whose missions go hand in hand with its own. Of note, the Club reinvests the profits generated by the studio into its media projects. Thanks to its innovative business model, which relies on both public funding and self-generated revenue, the Club becomes able to fairly compensate its team.

In February, La Saint-Valencul , an anti-party that guides the world towards connection with the other and self-love, takes place - it is a huge success.

The pandemic arrives, a time when the Club pauses its events and adapts to the changing context. Several conferences and online discussions are held. The articles section, which covers a variety of hot topics in a long but never flat format, is launched on our website. Each article is reviewed and annotated by a sex specialist. Result: now, even fiction can be learned from.

A host of sexual projects

A pivotal year for the Club, several important projects are getting together with the Quebec population. Among them (strap on your hat, there are many), we find Learning to write usour inclusive writing guide, developed in collaboration with Les 3 sex*, Club Discu, a series of events where we talk about sexuality in a relaxed way, DépistaFest, a festival promoting STD screening, the podcast What do you come to? podcast and the Club Solo web application to democratize masturbation. The same year, our training component was created.

A pleasure that lasts

The demand for the Club's services is increasing and we are taking advantage of 2022 to continue our growth while stabilizing our activities. To ensure the management of the numerous projects of the creative studio, the Club hires for the first time a team of employees. Two training courses are added to our offer. The second season of À quoi tu jouis? is launched in the fall. The Club conceptualizes and produces various campaigns for a growing clientele. Our face-to-face events are back, including Friends with benefitsthe launch of the DépistaFest and an outdoor Club Discu.